Multivite Plus - 200g
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Multivite Plus - 200g

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Multivite Plus - 200g

"The Golden Boost"

Multivite Plus is a water-soluble complete vitamin/mineral powder containing 13 vitamins and six trace elements. 

Nicknamed 'The Golden Boost' in Australia because of the way it turns the water a light golden colour, it is readily taken by the birds. Multivite Plus can be given routinely as part of a health management program for 1 or 2 days per week or as required. It can be used to assist in recovery following any stress and to promote natural health during breeding, weaning, moulting and racing. Multivite Plus is sugar-free. Developed by Dr. Colin Walker (Australian Pigeon Company).

  • Each 200g container makes 1000L. 

  • Comes in a resealable jar with measuring spoon.   

Active ingredients per Kg

Vitamin A 10,000,000 i.u 
Vitamin D3 1,250,000 i.u
Vitamin E 20,000 mg
Vitamin K3 5,000 mg
Vitamin B1 5,000 mg
Vitamin B2 10,000 mg
Vitamin B6 2,500 mg
Vitamin B12 20mg
Nicotinic Acid 75g
Pantothenic Acid 40g
Biotin 50g
Folic Acid 1g
Choline Bitartrate 150,000
Iron 25g
Iodine 1g
Cobalt 1g
Copper 2.5g
Manganese 30g
Zinc 20g