Avian Empire offers an online telemedicine consultation service with your feathered friends in mind.  This online platform was developed to assist bird owners across New Zealand access services, information and support from dedicated and avian professionals. 

The Avian Empire flock:

Dr. Sam Hurley BSc, BVSc, MAHM
With a fascination for exotic animals and birds in particular.  Sam started his career studying wildlife ecology in British Columbia, Canada.  His interests span many topics such as agriculture, animal welfare, integrated pest management, entomology among others.  Sam has extensive poultry medicine expertise and continues to accumulate clinical work with an array of avian clients.  He would like to open a veterinary clinic that caters to avian and exotic animal clients as well as continue his research into advanced therapies.
Jemma McLean BDes.(Hons)
From an early age Jemma has had an affinity to birds.  She has been involved in rearing, rescuing and rehabilitating many of New Zealand’s native and introduced species for much of her life. With an ever expanding flock of pigeons, cockatiels, budgies, a mynah bird and a one legged lorikeet named Pogo, she has extensive knowledge and practical hands on skills when it comes to the husbandry of birds.  Jemma identified a need for a service that allowed anyone to access trusted and knowledgeable avian professionals.