About the Avian Empire flock

Dr. Sam Hurley BSc, BVSc, MAHM

With a fascination for exotic animals and birds in particular.  Sam started his career studying wildlife ecology in British Columbia, Canada.  His interests span many topics such as agriculture, animal welfare, integrated pest management, entomology among others.  Sam has extensive poultry medicine expertise and continues to accumulate clinical work with an array of avian clients.  He would like to open a veterinary clinic that caters to avian and exotic animal clients as well as continue his research into advanced therapies.

Jemma McLean BDes.(Hons)

From a young age, Jemma has demonstrated a profound connection with birds, engaging in the nurturing, rescuing, and rehabilitation of numerous native and introduced bird species in New Zealand throughout her life. With a wealth of expertise and hands-on experience in bird husbandry, Jemma recognized the demand for a service that provides accessible and reliable avian professionals to cater to the needs of anyone seeking assistance with their feathered companions.