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Banshee, Red mite solution - 240ml

Banshee, Red mite solution - 240ml

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Banshee - 240ml

Banshee is straightforward and easy to use, only requiring a pressurized sprayer, such as a common ‘garden sprayer’ or ‘trigger sprayer’ found in hardware stores. The birds should be moved out of the area to be treated until the spray solution has dried.

The product is added to water at the correct use rate depending on the type of sprayer used:


80ml per 5 litres of water for a garden sprayer, or 16ml per litre of water.

80ml per 100m2 of treated area if a more elaborate professional or commercial sprayer is being used.


Safer with low toxicity from natural essential oils instead of harsh synthetic chemicals.

Low residual product.

Applied to surfaces, not directly to the birds resulting in less stress on the birds.

Store in a cool, dry and protected from light. 

Always read the label before use. 

Banshee SDS

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Customer Reviews

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Nyssa Skorji
Works great!

Had a bit of a mite issue with our coop, but this stuff sorted it out super easy, plus it smells so good!


Smells amazing! A good edition to the red mite tool box