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Bioguard Salmonella spp. Ag Test

Bioguard Salmonella spp. Ag Test

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Bioguard Salmonella spp. Ag Test - Price is for 1 test

Salmonella can infect all birds, especially chickens, turkeys, and pheasants. It mainly infects chicks under three weeks old or chick embryos.
Salmonella can cause indigestion, sticky green foam droppings with a foul odour, poor growth, weight loss, joint inflammation and swelling, drooping wings or inability to stand, and lameness. All symptoms may result in increased mortality of chicks. Adult birds usually show no symptoms, but it may cause a decrease in egg production

Rapid Detection Test for Salmonella spp. antigen in birds.

  • Specific and sensitive
  • Easy to perform
  • Simple and accurate
  • Easy to interpret
  • Results in 5-10 minutes


Methodology: Immunochromatographic assay
Specimen: Avian faeces
Target: Salmonella spp. antigen

Shelf life: 24 months
Store in a dry place at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight. If stored in the refrigerator, return to room temperature before use. DO NOT FREEZE.

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