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Tele-free Veterinary Telemedicine Consultation

Tele-free Veterinary Telemedicine Consultation

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Pre-paid, 20 - 30 minute, Zoom telemedicine veterinary consultation.  

You're booking a pre-paid telemedicine call with an avian veterinarian and an avian rehabilitation health consultant.  

These prepaid consultations have been donated by awesome humans and by us here at Avian Empire. Nobody wants money to be the reason some one can't afford vet care for their feathered friend.

Note: We run a no questions asked/honesty policy. Only book these consultations if you think you need it.    

How it works 

    1. Select a time and date for your consultation.
    2. Purchase your consultation, you will be emailed a digital history form to fill out.
    3. Fill out the history form with as much information as you can. This must be submitted before your chosen consultation time.

     Term and conditions

    • The digital history form must be submitted before your consultation. Failure to do so will led the postponement of your consultation.
    • Consultations can be cancelled up to 24 hrs prior to the appointment commencing.
    • Avian Empire hold the right to reschedule your consultation if needed.
    • This service is not for emergencies and some cases may need to be referred to your local veterinary clinic for further diagnostics or treatments.
    • Prescriptions may be issued on a case by case basis. 
    • Follow-up appointments included if necessary.
    • For bird patients only.
    • If you fail to show up for your tele-free appointment you will need to rebook future consults via the paid telemedicine option.  

    Important: If you don't automatically receive your digital history form after booking your consultation, please send us an email at

    For New Zealand residents only.

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