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Gen 5 (HPAI Sanitiser) - 5L

Gen 5 (HPAI Sanitiser) - 5L

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Gen 5  Specialised Pathogen Control - 5L

Gen 5 is a highly effective surface sanitiser developed to control a wide range of pathogens including HPAI. The unique formulation allows easy application by spraying. Simply add the desired concentration to a spray bottle or backpack sprayer. 


Exterior Mould/Moss Treatment:

  • Dilute 1L with 6L of water. Use a Spray bottle to apply. Allow to dry.

Heavy Pathogen Infestations:

  • Dilute 1L with 4L of water. Leave overnight. Then rinse with water.


    • 100mls per 10 litre of water = 800ppm

    Applicable on: Floors, Drains, Foodbaths


    Ingredients: Contains less than 20% actives, 7-8 pH.

    Special Storage: None required  Safety:

    No specialised application needed

    Manufactured by AWS Ltd

    Gen5 SDS

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