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Pay It Forward Veterinary Telemedicine Consultation

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Buy a 20 - 30 minute, Zoom Tele-free veterinary consultation for someone in need. 

You amazing human! Nobody wants money to be the reason someone can't afford vet care.  

You're buying a Tele-free veterinary consultations for someone in need. This will allow someone to have a free consultation for their feathered friend. Consultations are with an avian veterinarian and an avian rehabilitation health consultant.  

How it works

    1. Purchase a Pay It Forward Veterinary Telemedicine Consultation.
    2. For every Pay It Forward consultation bought, we will open up a free space in our Tele-free Veterinary Consultations schedule.
    3. This free time slot will be available until it has been booked by someone who feels they need it.

     Term and conditions

    • This service is not for emergencies and some cases may need to be referred to your local veterinary clinic for further diagnostics or treatments.
    • Prescriptions may be issued on a case by case basis. 
    • Follow-up appointments included if necessary.
    • For bird patients only.