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PCR Test - Histomoniasis (Blackhead disease)

PCR Test - Histomoniasis (Blackhead disease)

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What you are buying:  

- A PCR test of 1 swab (For single birds).


- A PCR test of 5 swabs (pooled for flocks).

- Results interpreted by our poultry vet, with suggestions of treatment if needed. 

How it works: 

Once you have purchased the PCR test from our site,

  1. You will be mailed out swab(s), instructions and a submission form.
  2. Collect samples as per the included instructions (cloacal swab).
  3. Mail the form and the samples to the lab address given.
  4. Results will be emailed through once received by us. 

More Information:

Histomoniasis, also known as "blackhead disease," is a parasitic infection that affects poultry, particularly chickens and turkeys. The causative agent of histomoniasis is a protozoan parasite called Histomonas meleagridis.

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a molecular biology technique used to amplify and analyze DNA. In the context of Egg Drop Syndrome, PCR is employed to detect the presence of the virus in samples. 

Histomoniasis in poultry

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